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All our digital TV aerial installations are benchmarked and compliant to industry standards, they can be installed to improve the signal reception, the strength and the quality. A digital TV aerial can be used with an integrated TV (iDTV),or a freeview receiver, giving a greater channel line up and choice of programmes to watch, without any monthly subscriptions.


To get the best reception you need to make sure that your TV aerial is in good condition and is pointing towards the best local transmitter. An outdoor TV aerial can deteriorate or be knocked or blown out of its correct position, and cables and connections from the TV aerial to the TV set can become corroded.Older TV aerials, cables and connections may need replacing.


Picture break-up, clicking sounds or no picture at all may mean that the signal reaching your set-top box or TV is too weak.

If you have had this problem for a long time, you may need to upgrade or replace your TV aerial. On site we can measure the signal reception and test your existing aerial and cabling and advise you appropriately.




We have been installing TV aerials in Reading for over 30 years so you can rely on expert advice and service from a local aerial company.


All our installations are carried out by experienced engineers, and carry a minimum one year guarantee.

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